Olsen Family

Tony (the oldest)Me (the angel of the family)Dad the Dad (ahem, Charles, Charley or Chuck)Margie the MomJerry (The neglected middle child)
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This picture was taken May 2001
(after Mom’s Graduation with honors!)
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My parents are building a home in Florida. They have happily thrown away their snow shovel in favor of the warmer climate. Dad still enjoys his job at IBM Germany. “Who could ask for a better commute?” He asks: “Out the bedroom door and ten feet to the right.” He loves to attend the Orlando Temple and is a very proud grandpa.

After sending all three kids off to BYU, my mom, Margie Seager-Olsen, decided it was time for her to go back to school.  (My mom attended Utah State years ago when she met my Dad, but she dropped out to help put him through school.) So in the fall of 1997 my parents moved to Sarasota, FL so she could attend the prestigious Ringing School of Art and Design.  She was on the presidents list every semester and graduated (WITH HONORS!) in May 2001.

My Mom is now working as a free-lance artist.  She does portraits, still-lifes and illustrations. You can often find her trade make teddy bear in her paintings. I am working on her own website where you can see her work and contact her.  Until then you can email her at colsen@us.ibm.com  

Debbie has lost 50+ pounds since this picture was taken in May 2001. 


If you want to get on Tony’s good size, ask him about his pyramodule idea.

My oldest brother, Tony, married Debbie Anderson in Dec 1997 in the
Washington D.C. Temple.  They live in Boston, Massachusetts (where Debbie grew up).  They have two girls Emily, 4, and Suzannah, 2. Debbie is a great “stay-at-home Mom” and Tony has is a computer programmer at Verizon

Here’s a picture of their adorable girls from April 2001.

Jerry is an assistant manager for Walmart in Rock Springs, WY (just over the border from Utah).  He has learned to adjust to having a woman’s touch in his bachelor pad (complete with surround sound,a fussball table and oodles of computer games).

 Jerry married Koa Ogden May 18, 2002 in the Manti Temple


Koa is from Richfield, Utah (actually Sigurd) and just graduated with a double degree from Western Wyoming Community College in arts and fine arts (majoring in Musical Theatre). She is the youngest of 8 children. 

Tony and Kevin were among Jerry’s ushers.

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