Wise Family

Deborah the oldestEllen, the secondGayla, the MomJulie, the fourth childJoe, the DadLoren, the third childKevin, my husband, the baby of the family

    Joe and Gayla live in Mesa, Arizona in the same house that Kevin was born in. (27 years and counting!) Amazing isnít it!  (Compare that to my family who was never in one house for more than 4 years!) Joe just recently retired from his 35 year career at Motorola. Gayla is an author who has published several books. Joe and Gayla both now work as teacherís aides in the Mesa School district.

     Deborah White lives in Riverton, Utah with her husband, Mike (a fireman) and their four boys (Samuel, Jonathan, Isaac and Peter).  They had a stillborn baby girl, Miriam June 15th.

     Ellen Bouck lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband Rick (a computer engineer at Motorola) and their four children (Scott, Kaylee, Krystal and Spencer). 

     Loren and Dalee Wise live in Tempe, Arizona.  Following the Wise tradition he also works at Motorola in the Semiconductor Products Sector.  They have 2 boys, Brent and Dallin.

     Julie married Larry Cox December 15, 2000 (thus the wedding picture above).  They have a little girl, Sabrina Lynn Cox.  She is indeed the Wise miracle baby.  She was diagnosed with triploidy as a fetus, but she has exceeded all the doctorís expectations and is now almost 3 months old.

     And of course, the baby of the family, Kevin.  Heís married to a terrific lady, Wendy.  :-) They have the cutest little baby Jacob.  And they had a stillborn baby in October 2000 named Brian.


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